Virtuosity - Need to Know (N2K)

Virtuosity brings together data from across your entire
enterprise.  (See sample diagram on right)

No matter what the industry, data is data
and information is at a premium.  

Report 'snapshots' are interesting but
trends and summaries identify what is
really happening in an organization.

N2K was designed to pull data from
standard reports or existing data sources from across your
enterprise.  These data sources are displayed within the N2K
user interface.  Users can select what data to include and N2K
keeps them from going down the wrong path.  Only tables with
defined relationships between them can be selected by the

Simple Steps:
1.  Select data source(s)
2.  Select fields from each data source
3.  Define selection criteria
4.  Define sort
5.  Run query
6.  Export to user desktop

Prepare to be amazed.  Sounds simple ... and it is.  
Downloadables ...
Tri-Fold Brochure
18" x 24"Poster
Splash Screen

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