Past Events   

DLB Consulting presenting at SIGNATURE USER'S NETWORK conference.

Presentation ONE
DLB Consulting will be presenting "Streamline your Business using OLIE and other Tools" on
March 22, 2004.  

The session, being held at 10:45-11:45 March 22 in the Edgewood room in the Sheraton
New Orleans Hotel, 500 Canal Street, will help user begin focusing on how they can alleviate
some of the tedious, repetitive daily tasks from their business office.  We will be speaking to
opportunities within the business office for creating automated processes.  It might be as
simple as daily report retrieval or as complex as a reporting system based on SIGNATURE
standard reports.

The value of this class will be in the understanding by the users of possible solutions for
making their employees more productive without adding, in most cases, any additional
expense from the purchase of software or hardware.  The value of this class will be measured
in FTE workload reduction not necessarily reduction of FTEs.

Presentation  TWO
This session, from 1:00-2:00pm in the Edgewood Room, March 22, 2004, will be an active
participation session to help continue the creative thoughts started in session ONE.  Please
be prepared to ask questions and get answers from fellow SIGNATURE users and presenters.   

DLB Consulting LLC