Our Focus

DLB Consultings' primary focus is the success of your organization.  Utilizing a very structured
approach to creating business improvements for your organization we address every part as a
"Phase in Success".  This is not only a mantra, it is a guarantee.

With over 18 years of healthcare specific experience and extensive consultant resource pool
we have seen it all.

We help people/systems work more effectively.  Our experience with the system and
complimentary systems allow us to add value to your people and your organizations bottom

Empower your people to do more, to become more efficient.  Relieve them from today's
tedious tasks allowing them to make more money for the organization..  Make each person a
part of YOUR "Plan for Success".  

Watch DLB Consulting get the flow of success started in your orgaization.  

DLB Consultings' "Plan for Success"
Evaluates/analyzes current processes for opportunities
Develop a "Plan for Success"
Implement the approved plan
Deliver documented review of projects success
Results ... that is what it is all about

Account Receivable automation:
* Before - 80 hours per week
* After - 15 minutes

Target File rebuild:
* After - 13% increase in collections

DLB Consulting LLC
* Before - Benchmarks could not be efficiently created
* After - Benchmarks available upon request

Transaction Master File Allowable/RVU Update
* Before - Process performed over 2 month period
* After - <1 hour